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Why do I need a bookkeeper?

Many new business owners think it’s not going to take much of their time because they don’t have many transactions at first, so they’ll do their own bookkeeping to save the cost. In many cases one of two things happens … they end up with a shoebox full of receipts at the end of the year that they still don’t have time to do anything with or they don’t have the time to properly learn the program they’ve chosen to use, and run into problems.

Using a professional bookkeeper saves you time, money and avoids many problems.

* No need to purchase the hardware and software required, install them or deal with the upgrades to either
* Regular backups are done for you
* Office space provided for a bookkeeper can now be used directly by your business
* Your time is spent taking care of your business
* You have current, high quality books giving you an accurate financial picture so you can make better business decisions
* You have professional reports to provide the information needed by tax specialists, accountants and financial institutions.

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